Creating Brighter Days Fortify CBD

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The medicinal ingredients include 99.9% pure CBD isolate from Hemp to promote balance and create homeostasis, pure coconut MCT oil with far-reaching anti-inflammatory benefits offering support for brain health, antioxidant-rich hemp seed oil to increase immunity and improve cardiovascular health, and pumpkin seed oil to reduce anxiety and prevent illness.


For our Equine Products, please read below:



FORTIFY 250 - FOR SMALL DOGS (under 35 lbs)  AND CATS

(250 mg/bottle)

<5 lbs                    ¼ Dropper (10 Drops) 2.5 mg

6 – 15 lbs             ½ Dropper (20 Drops) 5 mg

16 – 25 lbs           ¾ Dropper (30 Drops) 7.5 mg

25 – 34 lbs           1 Full Dropper (40 Drops) 10 mg

FORTIFY+ 500 - FOR DOGS 35 ~ 80 lbs

(500 mg/bottle)

35 – 50 lbs           ½ Dropper (20 Drops) 10 mg

51 – 75 lbs           ¾ Dropper (30 Drops) 15 mg

76 – 100 lbs        1 Full Dropper (40 Drops) 20 mg

Dosing this product is dependent on the animal’s individual chemistry. Many do well on a lower dose, and some need a higher dose for results. Always start with a quarter recommended dose and try to split that dose every 9-12 hours for best result. Increase slowly to recommended dose and adjust as needed.

Always give the least amount which gives the most benefit.

We also carry a 1000 mg formula from Okanagan Pet for larger dogs or those needing a higher dose for special needs:



We have two formulas to choose from. Please note these items are not always in stock. Please contact us via email or telephone to pre-order your product. Thank you!

COMFORT: Help relieve joint pain and improve mobility. This natural herbal extract formula features 500 mg of hemp-derived CBD, nano-encapsulated for optimal absorption, plus burdock root to help reduce inflammation and alleviate pain, and licorice root to help regulate cortisol levels and support digestion.

PERFORMANCE: Promote high performance and calm. This natural herbal extract formula features 500 mg of hemp-derived CBD, nano-encapsulated for optimal absorption, plus Ashwagandha to increase stamina and relieve anxiety, and marshmallow Root to help reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Both of Creating Brighter Days’ new equine supplements are made with nano-encapsulated, water-soluble CBD. Nano-encapsulation encases microscopic drops of CBD in a water-soluble emulsion. Non-encapsulated oils can get trapped in fatty tissues in the digestive system, greatly reducing their bio-availability. Nano-encapsulated CBD offers a different delivery method than oil-soluble CBD, allowing for sublingual absorption into the bloodstream. This translates into a more bio-available intake, and more CBD in the body.

Better For Horses
Horses can be sensitive to large amounts of oil in their diet. To overcome this, our equine products are made with water-soluble, nano-encapsulated CBD. This provides higher bio-availability, as well as the higher dosage horses require, without excess oil consumption.

More Value
Although these high-quality equine supplements cost more than regular CBD oil supplements, less CBD is required to get the same levels of actual, bioavailable CBD. The bio-availability of 500 mg of nano-encapsulated CBD provides the same amount of bio-available CBD as up to 2,500 mg of non-encapsulated CBD.


Each Oral Syringe Contains 50 mg

Administer daily directly in horse's mouth or on feed.

General Health           50 mg

Chronic Pain              100 mg - 150 mg

Anxiety/Ulcers Colic   50 mg - 100 mg

Arthritis                       100 mg - 150 mg

Inflammation              50 mg - 150 mg

Every horse may have a different chemistry to the uptake of this product. Please begin with low doses and work to what the individual animal requires.

We always recommend speaking with your trusted Veterinarian to see if this product is suitable for your pet.