K9 Power Omega Dog

  • $43.95

A slick new way to boost the health of your treasured dog! Camelina plants are harvested here in North America and cold pressed for quality. This oil is revolutionary in that it will save millions of salmon and provide a greener way of production. This oil is high in antioxidants and vitamin E, and will not spoil as a Flax Oil. This oil is also an excellent alternative for animals with sensitivities to products which contain chicken and other protein allergens. 

The Camelina Plant is grown in hot and arid climates and virtually chokes out other plants and weeds, so no fertilizers are needed. As well, pesticides are minimally used as many insects do not consume Camelina.

Reduced Inflammation: Lowers Global (whole body) inflammation, benefitting joint, heart, and brain health.

Glossier Coat, Healthier Skin: Simultaneously fights inflammation plus supplies essential fatty acids to support healthy skin and coat.


Extra virgin, unrefined, sustainably grown cold pressed Camelina Sativa Oil


1 teaspoon per 25lbs daily.