Miracle Nipple

  • $19.95

This nipple is designed for small to medium sized suckling mammals, with a pre-made hole, superior flexibility, and the ease of use due to the fact that it will fit either a slip tip or luer lock tip syringe (with syringes larger than a 3cc we recommend to use the luer lock style syringe) This nipple will also fit the cap of a small nursing bottle.

These nipples have been designed to far outlast other nipples with less chance of small sharp teeth piercing the nipple. These nipples have also been designed to alleviate the chance of an animal swallowing the entire nipple or biting the nipple in half. This nipple is also designed with a kneading pad for the animals to knead with their small paws as they would naturally do while nursing on their mother. We know you'll be as excited about this nipple as we are.

As well, the nipples have a tiny, pre-made hole ; no need to make one on your own.

While our product is very durable and may last through many feedings and litters, please watch for wear and notice if the nipple is changing to a red colour. This is a normal progression. Please dispose at any sign of weakness and replace to a new nipple as needed.

A revolutionary design allowing a steady, slow flow of milk while reducing the risk of aspiration. Made with care in the USA.


MINI: Designed for short-faced toy dog breeds. Ex: Pug, Chihuahua  NEWBORN: squirrels, mice, bunnies, persian-type kittens.

ORIGINAL: Designed for toy and small/medium breed dogs, kittens.

LARGE: Designed for medium to giant breed dogs, raccoons, large exotic cats, foxes. 

Many breeds begin with the smaller size and graduate quickly to the next biggest size. If unsure, purchasing two sizes will ensure variety and perhaps even help a picky puppy or kitten. Please ask us for assistance via email or phone. We are here to help you!

Nipples may be washed in warm, soapy water. Simply dry well and re-use as needed.


All sizes are sold in TWO-PACK with O-Ring Syringe. The Large variety is sold with 2 O-Ring Syringes

10 Packs Available in Mini and Original Only

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2oz Kit: For Mini and Original | 4oz Kit: For Large