Combo: K9 Power Big Four

Combo: K9 Power Big Four

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Power-up your dog's condition and safety!

The "Big Four" to maximize your dog's performance:

Carnivore Cookies: Nutrient Packed Power Bars (1lb)
Super Fuel: Muscle Building and Recovery   (4lb)
Go Dog: Hydration, Energy, Safety   (1lb) Plus FREE Sports Bottle!
Joint Strong: Supple Joints, Ligaments & Reduce Inflammation (2lb)

A $25.00 Savings for this Combo!


Your dog is an athlete - help keep him sound and ready for fun summer days in the field, ring, or on hikes. These items work together to help reduce the risk of injury all while supporting muscle strength, soft tissue (ligaments, joints), hydration, and blood sugar levels.


Carnivore Cookies: Excellent for between runs or ring times when meals are not an option. Quick energy in a soft, delicious cookie.

Super Fuel: Feed everyday on meals to help build and support muscle and liver function.

Go Dog: Add to water and give as needed through the day to support hydration and help remove lactic acid from muscles. A must-have on hot days for better recovery and reducing the chance of heat stroke.

Joint Strong: Strengthen joints and reduce inflammation to help your dog relieve soreness.

Help your dog be the stronger competitor with clean, bio-available human edible/grade ingredients. Treat them like the stars they are!