DogZymes Colostrum

DogZymes Colostrum

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Nature's Immune Booster

** Please Note - 1lb Colostrum is a Special Order. Please email us to place your order. Thank you!

Long known as showing great benefits to dogs and many other animals, Colostrum is the "first milk" full of rich anti-bodies to help give newborns a first shield of defense.

Our powdered colostrum is easy to feed and easily digested.

* Helps improve immune systems of dogs with allergies and/or stress.

* May help with arthritis and auto-immune issues.

* Excellent to keep in the whelping kit in case the Mother is not dropping milk or boosts are needed for ailing puppies.

* Feed occasionally for any dog to help support immune function.

* Ideally feed on empty stomach. May be added to small amounts of food.



100% USA Sourced Bovine ( Cow) Powdered Colostrum


1/4 Teaspoon per 10LBS of body weight daily.

For Puppies: Mix as much as needed into fluid or feed in conjunction with Puppy BAC and/or Fading Puppy Support. Blend well.