DogZymes Colostrum

DogZymes Colostrum

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Nature's Immune Booster

Long known as showing great benefits to dogs and many other animals, Colostrum is the "first milk" full of rich anti-bodies to help give newborns a first shield of defense.

Our powdered colostrum is easy to feed and easily digested.

* Helps improve immune systems of dogs with allergies and/or stress.

* May help with arthritis and auto-immune issues.

* Excellent to keep in the whelping kit in case the Mother is not dropping milk or boosts are needed for ailing puppies.

* Feed occasionally for any dog to help support immune function.

* Ideally feed on empty stomach. May be added to small amounts of food.



100% USA Sourced Bovine ( Cow) Powdered Colostrum


1/4 Teaspoon per 10LBS of body weight daily.

For Puppies: Mix as much as needed into fluid or feed in conjunction with Puppy BAC and/or Fading Puppy Support. Blend well.