Okanagan CBD (Hemp) 1000 mg

Okanagan CBD (Hemp) 1000 mg

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We are very pleased to offer a higher strength CBD from Hemp tincture. This formula is designed for dogs over 90 lbs or dogs with compromised immune systems ( eg, cancer) or needing extra care for pain or neurological management.

This formula is tested free from THC making it a safe option for your pet.


99% CBD Isolate, Organic Hemp Seed Oil (North American sourced)


Begin any CBD program with the lowest dose (Quarter of recommended) daily. Work up to a higher therapeutic dose as needed. Every dog has a different tolerance and chemistry to CBD isolate and the individual's needs must be evaluated.

PETS 35-125LBS (1000MG)
35-50LBS = 1/4 Dropper (10 drops) 0.25mL

51-75LBS = 1/2 Dropper (20 drops) 0.50mL

76-100LBS = 3/4 Dropper (30 drops) 0.75mL

101-125LBS = Full Dropper (40 drops) 1.00mL

We recommend giving CBD at bedtime, or at best, 2-3 hours away from other medications such as NSAIDs or Gabapentin.

30 ml Bottle

We also carry another line with a 250 mg (small breeds or cats) and 500 mg (medium to large breed).