Nature's Farmacy

Nature’s Farmacy is celebrating 40 years!

Nutritional Herbal and Probiotic Supplements for all areas of your pet's health and lifestyle!

"Pet owners and professionals alike see the difference in our products…maximum analysis, low cost, small serving size, and convenient volume packaging all combine to make our products great.  Great for your pet and great for your pocketbook.

Our main focus remains the same as it always has been: To make a healthier, longer lived dog…and we are here to help you with your cases and questions.

Nature's Farmacy formulas are based on highly bio-available herbs, probiotics, and enzymes.

We can also help you in providing ideas to balance raw or home-cooked canine diets as well as enhance the nutrition of manufactured foods.

Many of our ingredients are sourced in the USA and made in our facility in Georgia. We use organic and GMO free options when available.

Copper Hollow Enterprises is the Exclusive Retailer in Canada.


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