Canine LH Surge (Ovulation) Test Strips

  • $18.95

A non-invasive testing system to help determine the LH Surge which signals the impending ovulation in your breeding females.

Many females have challenging seasons such as split heats, not ovulating, or silent heats. Some females ovulate very early or late, not the textbook 10-14 days.

These strips are also a valuable tool to get you closer to progesterone testing at your veterinary clinic which can substantially bring down costs and not have the stress of repeated blood testing on your female. (And your patience!)

The best timing for conception is two days after ovulation. These strips can help you narrow down the window of opportunity for better success.

All our kits come with comprehensive testing instructions with colour photographs to help determine your female's stage. We also provide a fill-in chart to monitor progression.

We are so pleased to work with another Canadian company to bring you this product.