Deluxe Bloat Kit

Deluxe Bloat Kit

  • $109.95

A "Must-Have" in your kennel or home in case of dangerous bloat.

Bloat (Gastric Torsion) is an emergency situation where moments count. The stomach fills with gases and in many cases the stomach twists, thus cutting blood supply to the organs. It is extremely painful and if not treated immediately, the dog has a very poor chance of survival.

Getting a gas minimizing product into the stomach on the way to the Veterinarian may buy precious time. This kit is designed to get a tube into the esophagus safely to administer DogZymes Bloat Buster to help break down the large gas pockets and to help release gases. (Simethicone & Yucca). The tube is also beneficial to help release gases and stomach contents.

At first sign of discomfort the DogZymes Probiotic Paste may be administered. Sometimes this is all that is needed to give some relief. Chase the probiotic paste with a dose of DogZymes Bloat Buster Paste. Tubing may or may not be required at this stage. Always consult your Veterinarian for any kind of emergency situation.


Deluxe Bloat Kit contains:

Instruction manual, clear vinyl tube, Bloat Buster 15cc Paste, 60 cc syringe, mouth bite- block, DogZymes Probiotic Paste, and trochar.

MEDIUM KIT:    40 - 90 LBS    LARGE KIT:    90 LBS +   Check Out the Informative video!