DogZymes Estrumate

  • $49.95

Developed for the Open Breeding Female

No fillers or preservatives
All natural and safe to use

Suggested Usage
Begin feeding 2 months prior to expected breeding date. Continue feeding until confirmed pregnant.

Estrumate works on helping to balance hormones in order to induce a heat cycle, enhance egg production, and to provide a hospitable environment for fertilized eggs. Also useful for females with irregular or split seasons.

This product may safely be used up to six months before breeding.

Use in conjunction with Gestamate (During Pregnancy) Vita-Sorb, and Probiotic Daily Balance for optimal results.


Peruvian Maca powder, Selenium Yeast, Raspberry Leaf Powder, Norwegian Kelp

Suggested Daily Feeding Rate

1 - 10 lbs     1/4 Teaspoon
20 lbs           1/2 Teaspoon
40 lbs           1 Teaspoon
40 + lbs        1 teaspoon for each 40 lbs

A 1 pound jar contains about 187 teaspoons and will last a 40 pound dog approximately 6 months.

Available Sizes: 1 LB  &  2 LB