DogZymes Estrus-mate (Estrumate)

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Developed for the Open Breeding Female

NEW Name - Same Amazing Product!

No fillers or preservatives
All natural and safe to use

Suggested Usage

Estrus-mate works on helping to balance hormones in order to induce a heat cycle, enhance egg production, and to provide a hospitable environment for fertilized eggs. Also useful for females with irregular or split seasons.

Contains organic red raspberry leaf powder, herbs and minerals as a nutritional source for the pre-breeding bitch. This product can be used between cycles to help normalize the cycle, used on an older bitch to assist in a successful cycle, or used on a bitch who has had an irregular cycle. Completely natural, no fillers or preservatives. Feed daily in food for 30-60 days prior to expected heat cycle.

Use in conjunction with Gestamate (During Pregnancy) Vita-Sorb, Ultimate Vitamin/Mineral/Omega, and  Probiotic Daily Balance for optimal results.


Peruvian Maca powder, Selenium Yeast, Raspberry Leaf Powder, Norwegian Kelp

Suggested Daily Feeding Rate

1 - 10 lbs     1/4 Teaspoon
20 lbs           1/2 Teaspoon
40 lbs           1 Teaspoon
40 + lbs        1 teaspoon for each 40 lbs

A 1 pound jar contains about 187 teaspoons and will last a 40 pound dog approximately 6 months.

A 8oz Jar contains approx. 93 teaspoons and will last a 40lb dog approx. 3 months. This size is preferred for Toy breeds.

Available Sizes: 8oz, 1 lb  &  2 lb