DogZymes Gestamate

DogZymes Gestamate

  • $49.95

Developed for the Pregnant Bitch

Completely organic and safe to use.

Begin feeding when bitch is confirmed pregnant (approx 28 days) and through the weaning period.

Gestamate helps to keep hormones balanced to help hold a pregnancy as well as keep the uterus toned for easier delivery.

Use in conjunction with Estrumate (pre-pregnancy) Vita-Sorb, and Digestive Enhancer for optimal results.


Alfalfa Powder, Selenium Yeast, Raspberry Leaf Powder, Flax Seed Powder, Norweigan Kelp, Folic Acid.

Suggested Daily Usage:

1 - 10 lbs     1/4 Teaspoon
20 lbs           1/2 Teaspoon
40 lbs           1 Teaspoon
40 + lbs        1 Teaspoon for each 40 lbs

Available Size: 1 LB