Poochie Panties

  • $27.95

We are so excited to bring you the quality workmanship and fabrics from Alberta's Four Dog Night.

Soft "Poochie Panties" for your female canine who is in season. Available in many sizes to accommodate all breeds. Velcro closure does not rub on skin making them very comfortable for your female.

They are a very comfortable design allowing for them to be worn for long periods of time. The elastic leg openings are snug yet not confining and do not make wear marks. Standard feminine sanitary napkins are be used with the Poochie Panties.

Pictured are examples of some of the possible colors and patterns.

NOTE:  We have a variety of patterns and colors in our collection and will ship what is in stock at the time of your order.  May not be what is pictured.

Need something special?  Please reach out to us.

300:     16 - 20 INCHES   400:   20 - 24 INCHES   500:   22 - 30 INCHES