Puppy ID Collars

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We are so pleased to offer this beautiful quality product for your precious puppies from Lupine in New Hampshire, USA.

We have been looking for an exceptional puppy ID collar that is soft and strong but will not cut into necks, hurting or chafing the puppies. As always, please be diligent in making sure the puppy collars are not too tight or loose with daily inspections.

These collars are made for use in many litters with proper care and cleaning.

All Puppy ID collars come in packs of 12 units.

Small: 5-7 inches  (Toy Breeds, Small Breeds, Large Breed/Newborn)

Large: 7-12 inches (Giant Breeds Newborn, Large Breed Growing)

For the Large Breed such as Setters, for example (65-75 lbs Adult Weight), we recommend purchasing a set of Small and a set of Large for them to grow into.

We have two styles of collars:

Solid: Soft feel, perhaps a bit stronger for more rambunctious breeds. Adjustable. Jewel tone colors.

Pattern: Same softness and strength as Solids. Adjustable. 12 fun patterns.


All the collars do not have D-Rings - so they are not recommended for any leash training. All closures are quick-release, no buckles.

Cool water wash, gentle soap. Line Dry.

Puppy ID collars are not guaranteed under Lupine's "Even If Chewed" guarantee.