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We offer top quality Luer Lock Syringes from the Miracle line. Available in 5 cc, 10 cc sizes. These have a lovely design in that the rubber ring does not stick so ease of delivery for tubing or nipples is enhanced. These work particularly well with the Miracle Nipples product.

We now stock 1 cc and 3 cc in the BD line. These are luer-lock tips which will fit on the Miracle Nipples.

We also have Terumo brand Luer-Lock in 20cc, 30cc and NEW 60cc!

Our Miracle Syringes in 20cc are back-ordered indefinitely. Please keep watch for new stock soon. We have the Terumo 20cc, 30cc, and 60cc for those wishing an alternative.

The 60cc Catheter Tip Syringes are popular for feeding tube fed children and adults. This size will not work on the Miracle Nipples.

The 60cc Catheter Tips are available in single units or in 10-packs.


Also available are "Semen Safe" 10 cc Syringes which have no rubber or latex inner ring. Great to keep in your AI Kits.