Thrive Organic Pumpkin Powder

Thrive Organic Pumpkin Powder

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Thrive 100% Organic Pumpkin Powder is an all natural and effective way to support common canine digestive upsets including loose bowels and constipation.

  • All Natural and Effective Way to Help Digestive Upsets
  • Pumpkin is Rich in Fibre to Help Absorb Excess Liquid in the Stool
  • Low in Fat and a Good Source of Vitamin E, Magnesium and Potassium
  • Results may be seen in a few hours
  • One Container Makes 6 Cups of Pumpkin Puree

Add Pumpkin Powder to food and mix well

Pumpkin Powder will absorb liquid in moist or raw diets, so add additional water if required

3 tbsp Pumpkin Powder = 1 cup of Pumpkin Puree


1 tbsp per 20lb body weight for diarrhea or constipation
In most cases 1-2 servings is all that is required

May also be fed every day to help support gut function.

Available in 225 gr Jar