Weanafeeda Multi-Bowl Feeder

  • $114.95

A brilliant way to feed your weaning puppies!

Feel safer in knowing your puppies are not competing for food with this beautifully designed product from the United Kingdom.  Breeders can also see exactly how much a puppy is eating to help ensure they are getting the proper nutrients. Stainless steel bowls and polypropylene construction ensure the set is easy to clean for the next feeding. 

You will also find these to be very lightweight for ease of moving around the whelping area and in your kitchens!

The Weanafeeda Mini 6 is suitable for all medium & small breeds.

The Weanafeeda Maxi 6 is suitable for medium/large to giant breeds.

The Maxi 6 and Mini 6 both come complete with 6 stainless steel bowls.

  • The bowl carrier is made out of tough dark grey polypropylene which is tolerant of sterilizing agents.
  • The whole feeder is lightweight, stable and non-chewable.
  • The detachable carrying handle is coated steel.
  • For easy storage they stack together when not in use.


Mini-6:  14 x 32 x 56 Centimetres  Bowl: 1 cup volume

Maxi-6:  17 x 40 x 70 Centimeters  Bowl: 3 cups volume