K9 Power

Animal Naturals has been purchased in 2015 by the incomparable K9 Power. We here at Copper Hollow are very confident in the abilities of our new team to bring us the very high quality products our dogs have benefitted from for years.

Based upon decades of research from the Guru of Sports Nutrition Mr. Bob Fritz, K9 Power products range from dynamite body and coat builders, age related supplements, boosters for stressed immune systems, and finally to ensure balanced diets that make your dog thrive. We use state of the art nutraceuticals, phyto-nutrients, and only American sourced human-edible FDA/USDA approved ingredients. When you buy a supplement from K9 Power know that you are buying top of the line bio-available supplements without the use of fillers, chemicals, flavourings, glutens, or questionable out-of-country ingredients.

Ask us to find the right puzzle fit of supplements for your special dog. We enjoy working with you to ensure the health and longevity of your pets.


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