For many years in helping our customers with their dogs, we have been asked for a "people supplement". Something to help improve wellness, joint pain, etc. For these many years, we have been on the look-out for such products.


Introducing "Protandim" by LifeVantage.

Oxidative Stress is the main culprit in many diseases in any oxygen utilizing creature. Our cells work hard to eliminate free radicals made by the use of the very thing that keeps us alive. Our cells produce enzymes from our DNA when the NRF2 pathway is activated. In essence these enzymes gobble up these free radicals which can promote disease. Our immune systems are complex, but an enormous factor in good health is how high our levels of Glutathione, Catalase, and SuperOxide Dismutase (among many others) are and how they are functioning.

Protandim is an Activator... not a Supplement. The patented formula helps to switch on the NRF2 pathway in our cells to produce more of our own cellular enzymes to help fight disease. There are now 23 Peer Related Studies, which are facts not opinions, on the benefits of this product. Protandim has 11 Patents and more research is continuing. 

Within 3 months of using Protandim studies have shown an upregulated response of 30-40% increase in Catalase and SuperOxide Dismutase... and an overwhelming increase of Glutathione of 300%. What can this mean to you? Many customers worldwide have reported less pain, reduction in pharmaceutical medications, better sleep, clearer skin, higher libido, reduction of depression and anxiety, and an over-all feeling of good energy and vitality. MS patients have reported better days and less symptoms. Diabetic patients have noticed better blood sugar readings and reduction of insulin drugs.  The rule of thumb for Protandim use is to use it for as many months as decades you have been alive. For example, if you are in your 40's you will begin to see maximum benefit at 4 months of use. Don't take our word for it: RESEARCH.

Go to: and type in Protandim and Oxidative Stress. You will find many studies on the benefits of our product and perhaps your own medical challenges. Known interactions are with immuno-supressing drugs and organ anti-rejection drugs. Of course, beginning any supplement should be run by your doctor.

One yellow pill, once a day. Simple and beneficial in the reduction of Oxidative Stress.

And since you're on a canine supplement site - YES - Protandim is safe for use in dogs. If you have a dog that may benefit from this activator please let us know and we will help design a program.

Protandim is sent to you directly via monthly delivery. Order changes can be made at will and delivery may be paused at any time. If you are interested in the product for purchase please follow this link:

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