Pee Bands - Male Belly Bands

  • $14.95

Another great product created by Alberta's Four Dog Night, these Pee Bands are made to deter the most persistent male markers. It is a girdle type that is designed to go over the sheath and provide pressure of the band to deter male dogs from marking.

For persistent markers you can add a sanitary napkin to the lining of the pee band to capture drips. They are made in colorful designs and are washer and dryer friendly.

See sizing chart for the right fit, available in size: 200, 200S, 300, 300S and 400.
Pictured are examples of some of the possible colors and patterns.

NOTE:  We have a variety of patterns and colors in our collection and will ship what is in stock at the time of your order.  May not be what is pictured.

Need something custom?  Special orders can be taken, please reach out to us.

"S" = Slender fit best for short bodied dogs