DogZymes Liver Support

  • $34.95

Help support your dog's liver function naturally. 

For use in times of illness, helping to detoxify the body in case of over vaccination or other pathogens. It's also great for use before and after surgery to help boost the immune system and help purge anesthetics. This is safe for all ages of dogs, especially seniors with elevated liver test enzymes.

Active Ingredients: Choline Chloride, Milk Thistle Seeds, Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Propionate, Yucca schidigera Extract, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Fructooligosaccharides, Zinc Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Dried Lactobacillus reuteri Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus rhamnosus Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus acidophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Bifidobacterium longum Fermentation Product, Dried Bifidobacterium adolescentis Fermentation Product, Dried Bifidobacterium bifidum Fermentation Product, Dried Enterococcus faecium Fermentation Product, Dried Bacillus subtilis Fermentation Extract, Dried Bifidobacterium thermophilum Fermentation Product, Dried Trichoderma longibrachiatum Fermentation Extract, Dried Aspergillus niger Fermentation Extract, Dried Aspergillus oryzae Fermentation Extract

Inactive Ingredients: Active Dry Yeast, Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Dextrin, Dextrose, Dried Whey, Mineral Oil

Suggested Usage:

Directions for Use: Administer at meal time. For best results, administer in every meal. Amounts may be doubled as recommended by your veterinarian.

1-15 lbs body weight: 1/4 teaspoon daily

16-30 lbs body weight: 1/2 teaspoon daily

Over 30 lbs body weight: 1/2 teaspoon per each 30 lbs