DogZymes Liver Support

DogZymes Liver Support

  • $57.95

Help support your dog's liver function naturally. 

For use in times of illness, helping to detoxify the body in case of over vaccination or other pathogens. It's also great for use before and after surgery to help boost the immune system and help purge anesthetics. This is safe for all ages of dogs, espeicially seniors with elevated liver test enzymes.


An all-organic proprietary blend of phyto-nutrients. This unique blend contains Milk Thistle, Lecithin, Alfalfa, Encapsulated Choline, Proteinated Calcium, Proteinated Zinc, Proteinated Copper and Direct fed Microbials.

Suggested Usage:

1/2 teaspoon per 15lbs of body weight. Scoop holds 1/4 teaspoon. Simply add to dog's meals 2 times a day, splitting dosage evenly.