Saline Solution 500ml

Saline Solution 500ml

  • $12.95

Sodium Chloride 0.9% , USP (Normal Saline)

Saline is sterile, non-pyrogenic and contains no bacteriostatic or antimicrobial agents. This product is intended for subcutaneous infusion (under the skin) for dehydrated animals. This solution is indicated for use in puppies and kittens as a source of electrolytes and water for hydration.

In order to use this product customers are asked to also purchase Butterfly Needles for injection. These are single use needles. Copper Hollow stocks 23G x 3/4 inch size. Please click on the photo for more information.

Customers will also need syringes to draw out and administer the fluids. Please click on the photo for ordering. 5cc is a good size to work with.

 We also have a "Sub-Q Kit" which includes all of the above. 

When at all possible, consult with your Veterinarian for advice on dosage and protocol.